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Order Picking Trolleys

What is the purpose of Order Pick Trolleys?

Order picking trolleys are used in warehouses to facilitate the movement and collection of goods. These heavy duty trolleys allow goods to be picked from shelves with ease and provide an effective transportation option via a sturdily constructed frame that is simple to move. Order picking trolleys come with steps and two or three levels, depending on the requirements of your location. Equally, the weight of load you expect the trolley to carry will impact whether you choose plywood trays or steel trays. This will impact the price accordingly, although ensuring that the correct trolley is chosen from the outset will guarantee the smooth running of your order picking process and the safety of the employees concerned. 

Where can this product be used?

Most warehouses and distribution centres make great use of order picking trolleys in their everyday operations. As such, it’s important that the order picking trolleys they use are constructed from quality materials and are sturdy enough to withstand the weight placed on them, both by the goods to be picked and the operative climbing the steps to pick them. Safety treads can also protect the operative as they climb. It’s also imperative that order picking trolleys are simple to move, so the quality of the wheels should be considered when purchasing. In addition, make certain that the height of the trolley is appropriate for the location it will be used in. 

Who might use this product?

Anyone who works in a warehouse or distribution environment will be familiar with order picking warehouse trolleys. They are used daily to allow operatives to collect goods swiftly and to take them for packing or distribution. As these tasks are often undertaken within a strict timeframe, it’s important that the operatives have access to quality equipment that allows them to complete their role effectively. Due to their height and bulk, order picking trolleys can be difficult to control unless they are made from quality materials and regularly maintained. Ensuring that a company’s order picking trolleys are in good shape will ensure the smooth-running of a warehouse or distribution centre. 

Here at ABIS, we have a range of different warehouse trolleys, to cover all bases, be it a platform trolley, a cash and carry trolley or a drum handling trolley, we have everything you will need in your warehouse.

Order Pick Trolleys Specifications 

Width: 480mm
Height: 1520mm
Depth: 1350mm