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Recycled Polyethylene Premium Tapered Trucks
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Polyethylene Lids for Heavy Duty Straight & Tapered Sided Trucks
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Polyethylene Lid for Premium Tapered Trucks
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Lids for Recycled Polyethylene Premium Tapered Trucks
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Large 885 Litre Polyethylene Order Picking Truck
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Uses of Plastic Container Trolleys

Plastic container trolleys are used across all industries to improve workplace efficiency. They are used to move items from one place to another, as well as to store for longer periods of time – for instance, they can be used as paper receptacles until recycling day. Trolley container storage is also used extensively in warehouse environments as picker trolleys. If an operative needs a basic picking trolley to improve the efficiency of a warehouse then plastic container trolleys can fulfil that requirement while also being useful for other tasks around the facility. They can also be used in an office environment for document transportation. 

Trolley Container Storage Options Include Different Specifications 

Not every workplace will require giant 455 litre capacity plastic container trolleys. You should always assess the needs of your operatives and work out whether an overlarge container will be more difficult to store and whether it will have any benefit to your working practices. The good thing about plastic container trolleys is that they are nestable, meaning that you can easily store several upright in a stack rather than having them spread out across an environment when empty. This saves space and can be used as justification for buying slightly bigger sizes than you might now require to be prepared for the future. 

Do You Need Lids for Your Plastic Container Trolleys?

Many trolley container storage options have lids available, but they are sold separately. This benefits businesses that don’t use them as they don’t have to pay extra for lids they won’t use. Equally, lids can be an additional storage complication and, if you don’t use them, they’re an unnecessary one. There are many instances where lids won’t be required for plastic container trolleys, yet there are times when they are vital. For instance, if you’re transporting documents from one office to another, securing them and maintaining privacy may be vital. Equally, some warehouse units have different buildings and transporting between them may expose your products to adverse weather.