Facility Management

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Kumfi Step Leisure Pool Mat
from £38.87 ex VAT
21 variants of this product
Dayton Entrance Mat
from £23.64 ex VAT
20 variants of this product
Aquasorb Entrance Mat
from £46.06 ex VAT
12 variants of this product
Brushway Rib Entrance Mat
from £33.72 ex VAT
25 variants of this product
Lustre Entrance Mat
from £42.54 ex VAT
30 variants of this product
Professional step ladders 7 tread Platform 1465mm
from £187.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Professional step ladders 6 tread platform 1253mm
from £169.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Professional step ladders 5 tread platform 1041mm
from £152.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Professional step ladders 8 tread Platform 1677mm
from £205.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Professional step ladders 4 tread platform 828mm
from £133.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Professional step ladders 3 tread platform 616mm
from £121.24 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Wooden look bin 38L
from £357.19 ex VAT
1 variant of this product
Showing 1-12 of 519

Our huge range of facility management equipment here at A&B Industrial Services is packed with everything you need to keep a location in tip-top condition.

Whether you are hoping to improve the look of an indoor leisure centre or want to keep an outdoor space smart and clean, we will have something to suit your needs below.

Guests to your centre can keep all their important items safe and secure using our spacious lockers, for example, while our facility flooring shows you have safety at the front of your mind.

Meanwhile, make sure people abide to the smoking laws by setting up a smoking shelter around your facility and then packing it with a few cigarette bins.

Enhance your facility management services by looking at the selection below and shopping online now. Orders to mainland UK come with FREE delivery.

Staff facilities

Catering to the needs of your staff is a must when you are an employer, so you'll need to ensure that you provide the correct facilities in the workplace.

Smoking facilities

On July 1st 2007, Smokefree Regulations were introduced that banned smoking in all enclosed public places, including offices and workspaces. As part of the law, employers are required to display clear no smoking signage throughout all no smoking zones, including business vehicles.

While the employer is under no legal obligation to provide a smoking area for their staff, many have chosen to do so in order to give their staff a suitable space to congregate during breaks. There are a number of smoking shelters to choose from, with many adopting a bus-stop style design in order to keep in line with the requirements of the law.

When choosing a smoking shelter, you should select a size that will accommodate your staff as well as fitting your chosen location. Avoid installing it across roads, car parks or delivery bays, as these could compromise your staff's safety.

It is also wise to locate specially designed cigarette bins near the shelters, so users can dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.

Bike storage

Encouraging staff members to cycle to work is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as easing congestion on the roads and in the car park. Giving your staff and customers somewhere secure and appropriate to store their bikes is crucial to increasing the popularity of this mode of transport.

There are number of storage solutions to choose from, with bike racks often the most common choice as they are both affordable and space-saving. To protect bikes from rain and bad weather, it could also be beneficial to invest in a specialist cycle shelter to house the rack.

For a more enclosed unit that boasts enhanced security, bike lockers would be a great investment but are only a possibility in spacious areas.


If your employees are cycling to work or getting changed into their uniform at the start of their shift, chances are they'll have a lot of items they need to store. Lockers provide an ideal, secure space for staff members to keep their belongings.

Available in a range of different sizes, you can find a locker that will suit your employees' and customers' needs. For changing rooms, uniform and police lockers will provide enough space for clothing to be stored without becoming creased. For more tips about buying lockers, take a look at our comprehensive locker buying guide.