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We are sure to have a locker that is perfect in size and design for your facility right here at A&B Industrial Services.

Lockers have so many uses, from a place for employees to store their workplace equipment to a space for fitness enthusiasts to keep their gym bags while they train.

No matter the reason though, find the ideal product for you in our diverse selection below. We have charging lockers for storing small goods, multi-compartment lockers for all kinds of equipment and heavy duty lockers for gym accessories.

Take a look at all of our storage lockers and buy online today. Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours.


Choosing the right locker for your needs

When chosen correctly, lockers can provide an excellent storage solution for your workplace. In order to make the right choice, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

What will you be storing?

The first, and most obvious, consideration you'll need to think about is what the lockers will be storing. To make this decision, you should think about why your staff or customers will be using a locker.

If your staff members change into their uniform at the start of their shift, they'll need a locker with hanging space to prevent their clothes getting creased. A uniform or police locker would be ideal, as they feature both a hanging rail and built-in shelving for shoes, bags and other essential items.

For smaller items like keys, purses and phones, wallet lockers are ideal. Not only do they provide essential storage, they are great for maximising space too.

Keeping gadgets and gizmos charged is a priority for us all and charging lockers are becoming increasingly popular in shopping centres, gyms and other public spaces. With charging facilities built into the interior, these lockers provide a secure space for customers to recharge their mobile phones, tablets and other items.

Where will the locker be going?

Of course, another important factor you'll need to take into account is where the lockers will be located. Before you purchase your locker, you should ensure you have enough room in the chosen area, taking into consideration the door swing path to ensure that the lockers remain functional.

Awkwardly sized spaces can be difficult to manoeuvre, with standard lockers often not fitting correctly. A way around this is by investing in cube lockers: these can be stacked into a range of combinations making them ideal for angular areas. As the individual cubes can be secured together, they are a safe option too.

It can be necessary for lockers to be stored outside like, for example, in a paintball arena or near sports courts. If this is your intention, you'll need to make sure your lockers can withstand changing weather conditions while still providing a handy storage facility.

How many lockers will you need?

The next important decision you'll need to make is how many lockers you need. Providing too few lockers for your employees could result in bags and belongings being left lying around the room, undermining the whole point of creating the storage solution. However, having too many could take up valuable space and be an extra cost that your business can avoid.

Before investing, it may be worth conducting a survey among your existing staff to see who requires and would use a locker. While it would be unwise to buy lockers for exactly the number of survey respondents, this will give you an initial idea of how many you will need.

If you are purchasing lockers to be used by customers, it may be worth checking visitor data to see how many average visitors you have at one time. This will help determine how many you will need to provide.

Will you need any accessories?

Once you have decided on what kind of lockers you'll need, you should also work out whether you'll need any locker accessories too. If you are concerned that your storage space may turn into a junk room, you can invest in sloping locker tops that will prevent any clutter being piled on top of the lockers, helping to keep the space tidy.

Now you know what you're looking for, visit our lockers page to explore our entire range.