Wet Area Leisure Matting

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Heronrib Slip Resistant Leisure Matting 10m
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Heronrib Slip Resistant Matting 1000mm
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Heronrib Slip Resistant Matting 500mm / metre
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Kumfi Step Leisure Pool Mat
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Anit-slip mats for pool areas are essential for keeping your pool and changing areas safe, clean and hygienic.  If you are looking for non-slip mats for wet areas, or where people might be walking with wet feet such as changing rooms, we supply Heronrib Slip Resistant Matting, which is ideal for sports and leisure facilities and for keeping your customers safe and happy. Furthermore, we can also keep you satisfied with FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders over £100 (ex VAT).

Durable PVC matting keeps changing room floors dry and hygienic

Made with strong flexible PVC sections, Heronrib’s leisure matting is durable and hardwearing which makes it long lasting. The non-porous matting has been designed with efficient drainage and anti-bacterial additives, keeping changing areas dry and hygienic. The leisure mats design also includes slip-resistant properties, which helps to prevent falls and keep your facilities safe.  Wet area floor mats are vital around pools and in changing rooms, and will help ensure the safety of your visitors and staff.

Leisure matting is suitable for swimming pool floors and facility changing rooms

The leisure matting provides a maintenance free option with minimal easy cleaning.  Non-slip pool mats are also warm and comfortable, which helps to enhance the customer experience and keeps your customers satisfied when using sports and leisure facilities. Wet area floor mats are essential around pool areas or in changing rooms, helping you keep these areas clean and slip free.

Heronrib’s Slip Resistant Matting is available in five different colours to brighten up any sports and leisure environment (we recommend that the Red matting should be for indoor use only). The matting is also available in two different sizes, 10mm x 500mm and 10mm x 1000mm (height x width), so you can further personalise the flooring in your facilities.

Anti-slip matting keeps your leisure centre floors safe for visitors & employees

If you'd prefer to kit out your entrance to keep your customers or visitors safe, why not check out our range of Entrance Matting?

Don’t forget, you can get free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £100 (excluding VAT). So what are you waiting for?

If you need some new anti slip wet area matting which delivers on performance and quality, Heronrib’s Slip Resistant Matting is your answer.