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Oil Drum Storage & Safety Equipment

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Why Secure Drum Storage is Vital for Your Site Safety

Storage of drums and secure transportation solutions are integral aspects of site safety. As drums often contain hazardous materials, it’s vital that you protect your workforce by providing all relevant drum safety equipment. This can include stationary stacking units which come with spill sumps to protect against any leakages through to dispenser trays that prevent dangerous leaks from cans spilling beyond the tray. At all times, ensuring that your drum storage is secure and leak-proof will safeguard your site against dangerous and hazardous materials that are stored in bunded oil drum storage containers across your site. This, in turn, safeguards your employees while they work. 

Oil Drum Storage Accessories for Simple Drum Movement

Transporting any drum storage solution across a site requires effective tools that will prevent hazardous substances being exposed when the drum is being moved. For instance, drum storage trucks are specifically designed to transport drums, meaning that they are effectively balanced. This safe storage method for drums, makes up an ideal part of our COSHH hazardous storage range. Moving any container, especially an oil drum storage container, is simpler when the transportation takes place on wheels, but if that truck or trolley isn’t designed for drum storing units, it can become another potential hazard. When using any accessories with your drum storage, choose those that are designed specifically to work with storage units rather than generic transportation devices. 

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Oil Drum Storage Container Requirements

important as keeping your storage units safe while they’re being transported is the need to keep them secure while they’re stationary. Occasionally, operatives may see stationary oil drum storage as simply another part of the furniture and they make not take appropriate precautions around them. By situating an oil drum container within an appropriate rack or spillage retainer, you can alert your team to the drum storage that may be a hazard to them while preventing any spills with leak-proof sumps or trays. Drum storing is an integral part of many industrial and commercial sites, but it should be undertaken with the utmost safety in mind.