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Bike Stands - Keep Your Bikes Safe

Did you know that there was an estimated 321,000 bikes stolen in the UK in 2019? Bike theft, it seems, will always be a problem, and the best thing that anyone can do to minimise the risk of becoming a victim is by taking preventative measures.

By locking your bicycle to one of our bike stands, you are increasing its level of safety considerably. Bike racks are not just for places of work, schools and colleges - there's a place for them everywhere.

Our bike stands are both sturdy and affordable, plus we offer free delivery on all orders over £100.

Always remember that bike stands are the thief's enemy:

If you are storing your bike down your side passage at home and believe that's a safe enough place just because it's on your property, think again. By purchasing and installing a bike rack, you are making life so much harder for the thief that they are likely to abandon their plans.

There is also an onus on shops and cafes to install bike stands next to their premises. Any company that wants to entice walk-in business needs to at least offer a place for customers to lock their bike while they come in for a browse, or a coffee.

By looking at the bike racks we have to offer, you will soon realise that, for what you get, they represent a very modest investment. The real question should be: can you afford not to have a bike rack on your premises? Cyclist-friendly premises might also consider browsing our selection of bicycle shelters and bike lockers.