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Food Grade Trolleys

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Food Grade Transport Vital for Food Safety 

For anyone working with food, quality food grade transport options are vital for the smooth-running of your business. Whether you operate a restaurant that needs vegetables to be transported from a storage area to the main kitchen or whether you’re a factory producing a specific food item in need of ingredient transportation, food grade trolleys are essential. Without the right food grade plastic, you risk contaminating your ingredients with dyes and other additives that are harmful to humans. It’s important, therefore, that you protect the reputation of your pub, restaurant or cafe by using only food grade plastic in your ingredient transportation. To improve health and safety and efficiency, why not pair your Food Grade Trolley with a Plastic Bar Bottle Bin Trolley?

What Should You Look for in Food Grade Trolleys?

After you’ve checked that the trolley you’re purchasing is made of food grade plastic, what else do you need to consider? Like all workplace accessories, food grade transport must fit into an overall workplace strategy. So, for instance, if your restaurant already operates a colour coordinated system for health and safety reasons, food grade trolleys can fit into this pattern. The different styles of food grade transport on offer ensure that there are colours and styles to fit every workplace’s requirements. There are also accessories available including lids – some of which must be ordered separately – to improve your business operations. 

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Food Grade Trolleys

Every workplace thrives on good organisation and items that ensure the efficiency of your processes are vital to help you achieve this. Food grade transport should therefore be easy to transport from one place to another and have capacities that are suited to the location involved. For instance, while high containers may be useful for some restaurant locations, smaller café outlets might find that those trolleys take up more space than required. Buying trolleys that are nestable is one option to save space, along with choosing containers with the right height and depth to suit your environment. As with all workplace purchases, choose the specifications that are right for you.