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Heavy Duty Trolleys

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What are Heavy Duty Trolleys?

Heavy Duty Trolleys allow you to transport heavy and bulky goods around with ease. Whether you’re in a factory environment, moving products from department to department, or in an office environment where boxes of documents need to be relocated, the impressive load capacity allows you to go from one place to another, at ease. The possibilities for these trolleys depend entirely on your environment. Need to transport packaging items or equipment across a site? This is one of the best transportation solutions for you. 

Our range of warehouse trolleys have been designed with versatility and practicality in mind. Moving around heavy or awkward goods is simple when they can be loaded on to a low trolley base with minimal human effort. This lowers the risk of employee injury while moving products around, not only ensuring their safety but limiting any company downtime. We also supply multi-functional table trolleys that can store equipment and other items on multiple levels. These are excellent for transporting smaller items while maintaining organised systems on the trolley – great for depositing or collecting items from specific departments in a hurry. 

These warehouse trolleys and table top trolleys are easy to handle, and the wheels don’t have a mind of their own. Make sure you choose quality heavy duty items that will last for your company.

Where can this product be used?

The high quality heavy duty trolleys can be used wherever there are items in need of transportation. 

Factories use these trolleys to move goods to or from the production line. Warehouse staff use these warehouse trolleys to help them load goods into place in a warehouse and to easily pick them on demand. The trolleys are also ideal for large sites where moving items by hand would be impractical or cause injury. 

Offices often have heavy duty trolleys or table trolleys to move documents or tech around. Equally, school buildings require movement of chairs and equipment occasionally, with these environments relying on heavy duty trolleys for health and safety purposes. 

Whatever you need to move in your workspace, a heavy duty trolley often provides the solution. 

Specifications of Heavy Duty Trolleys

  • Width: 700mm – 800mm
  • Height: 1000mm
  • Depth: 1160mm – 2230mm