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Retractable Belt Barriers & Posts

What is the purpose of Retractable Belt Barriers? 

Retractable belt barriers are lightweight barriers used within industrial and commercial settings to keep areas separate and manage queues and crowds. Depending on the stability required, there are wall retractable belt barriers available, along with water filled base options to maintain stability. Weatherproof options are also available to ensure that the barriers are effective in any weather conditions. Thanks to the retractable nature of these barriers, they are very easy to store, and can be moved quickly across sites. Belt barriers are available in several colours depending on your site’s requirements and can be used with additions for sign holders and writing surfaces. 

Where can this product be used?

Within warehouses and factories, the retractable barrier tape allows hazardous areas to be cordoned off in an effective manner that can nevertheless easily be retracted if access is suddenly required. This contrasts with other fixed barriers that cannot be relocated on demand. Retractable belt barriers, then, are an essential element of industrial environments. Equally, they are also used at nightclubs, banks and shops to maintain effective queuing systems. Wall retractable belt barriers are excellent in locations where a barrier is going to be required for the long term and you don’t want to move barriers back and forth or if you lack storage space. 

Who might use this product?

Site managers use retractable barriers UK wide to demark areas of their industrial sites that need to be cordoned off from general use, ensuring crowd control at all times. These belt barriers can indicate the appropriate distance that workers are required to be away from machinery to maintain their safety. Shop managers will also find uses for these retractable belt barriers, not only in managing queues within their stores, but also to organise warehouses. Anyone who requires a queuing system for any event can keep retractable belt barriers on the premises to bring out when necessary. These barriers are an ideal piece of equipment for any business to keep in their storeroom.

Retractable Belt Barriers & Posts Specifications 

  • Materials: Chevon webbing belt 
  • Colour: Options include black and red
  • Width: 1342mm
  • Height: 25mm – 1000mm 
  • Weight: 5.6kg – 9.5kg