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Roll Containers

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Roll Containers

Move it Store it 

It’s oftern necessary to move l large items at once to a different location. Doing so, however, can cause quite a strain on the back as well as be difficult to manage all of those parcels without something falling and becoming damaged. Roll containers  are built to make transporting large numbers of items quick and safe.

All of our roll containers are enclosed, either partially or completely, with high wire sides that hold in any number of parcels you may need to move at one time. The roll containers  are also on wheels that turn and rotate in such a way that you can manoeuvre everything down a corridor, into a lift or wherever you need without over-exerting yourself or things getting out of control. These are very easy to manipulate and can double as a place to store the items, if need be.

Thousands of applications

Our roll containers  can be used by any number number of employees or customers who need to move items around. This includes the shipping and receiving areas of Schools and hospitals, as well as warehouses and factories.

Warehouses and mailrooms are also excellent areas in which these can be used to the fullest. Many of the roll containers  come with removable shelves.  The roll containers  work well in keeping everything in one place and at the ready to transport again with ease and whenever needed.

So Many Benefits

Sturdy, versatile and durable best describes our roll containers. We offer vast assortment from the heavy duty yet economical demountable roll container, which can hold upwards of 500kg and is very easy to assemble. Our security demountable container that comes in both regular and jumbo sizes and allows for the doors to be padlocked or security tagged. Add on one or more of the many accessories available to fully outfit your roll containers & carts and you’ll discover just how helpful these are in your business.