Expanding Barriers

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Expanding Belt barrier Yellow / Black 4m
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Expanding Belt barrier Red / White 4m
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Small expanding safety barrier
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Best Seller Armorgard Instagate Expanding barrier, red / white 2300mm
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Large expanding  4m safety barrier
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What is the purpose of Expanding Barriers?

Expandable barriers allow areas to be controlled effectively, ensuring that people and vehicles are warned not to enter a specific area. They have practical uses within everything from industrial sites through to event sites and even as traffic calming measures. They illustrate when an area is out of bounds and therefore are designed to be both visible and practical. Another core benefit of expandable safety barriers is that they are easy to move and can be relocated by one person. This allows workers to place the barrier, undertake whatever task they need to and then take the barrier away again quickly without causing unnecessary delays. 

Where can this product be used?

As a versatile product, expanding barriers can be used in a variety of environments. Factories might use them to deny entry into a unit that is currently undergoing maintenance, or repairmen might use them to ensure that no one walks beneath them while they’re on a ladder. They act as a safety signal within any environment yet are still easily moved and stored. Wherever there is a requirement to block access, expanding barriers come in useful. At events, for instance, they can act as a deterrent to people who may not recognise areas they’re not supposed to be in and, within shops, they can signal areas where restocking is taking place. 

Who might use this product?

Maintenance workers and those working in logistics are two types of employee who will no doubt use expandable barriers regularly. It will likely form part of their regular equipment as they make areas safe before undertaking any work there. Within warehouses, they can identify which aisles operatives are in to avoid accidents and disturbances. Within schools, offices and hospitals, caretakers can use them to demonstrate that pedestrians should not be in an area. Wherever there is the requirement for people or vehicles to be kept out of an area, expanding barriers will come in useful and will improve the safety of operatives in risky situations. If you are looking for a more permanent fixed barrier, why not take a look at our full range of crowd control barriers.

Expanding Barriers Specifications 

  • Width: 2500mm – 4000mm
  • Height: 950mm – 1700mm
  • Weight: 7kg – 8kg
  • Material: Steel or plastic