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Acid Storage Cabinet Options Must Be Secure

Acid is frequently used in industrial and non-industrial environments and having effective storage for such chemicals is vital to limit risk within any location. For instance, just as a factory might use battery acid in their processes, acid and alkaline are often used in schools, universities and swimming pools. So, many locations will need acid storage cabinets to protect their workforce and anyone else coming into the vicinity of the chemicals. An acid storage cabinet is white by convention, ensuring that it is easily recognisable as a container of hazardous materials. 

Why Acid Storage Cabinets Are Vital 

Whether you operate in an outdoor location or have an indoor workshop, the correct storage of chemicals is crucial to comply with health and safety regulations. Acids and other chemicals have the ability to damage not only human flesh, but also to corrode through materials such as metal and stone. This means that storaging within a purpose-built acid storage cabinet is the only way to ensure that the chemicals are kept safe, whether you’re looking for a chlorine or nitric acid storage cabinet. If you have acid or bases in your workplace, you need an acid storage cabinet. As well as Acid Storage Cabinets, ABIS also have a range of Flammable Liquid Storage, COSHH Cabinets and Pesticide Storage Cabinets, to ensure all of your hazardous materials are stored safely.

Different Sizes of Acid Storage Cabinets 

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to acid storage cabinets. If you choose one that’s too small, you won’t be able to fit all the required chemicals inside and this could potentially cause another hazard as containers are pushed and pulled around. Equally, a large container with multiple shelves could be too big for your location and promote storage of unnecessary quantities of acid in your workplace. At all times, the supply of acid in an acid storage container must be sufficient for its purpose and not be either too large or small.