Pesticide Storage Cabinets

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Single Door Pesticide Storage Cabinets
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Pesticide Storage Cabinets to Protect Workforce

Pesticide storage containers are often an unsung hero in both industrial and non-industrial environments. They protect pesticides, which are frequently kept in garages and sheds, from vandalism, theft or accidental damage. They ensure that only authorised personnel have access to pesticides when they require them, contributing to an effective health and safety culture for any workplace. These storage cupboards are manufactured in red to be easily discernible and come with appropriate hazard signage to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is aware of the danger. These pesticide storage containers come in a range of sizes to suit any location. 

Different Sizes of Pesticide Storage Cupboards

Overfilling and underfilling should both be avoided when you’re looking at pesticide storage cabinets. If a small cabinet is overfilled then it increases the risk of accidents occurring when items are removed. For instance, packing pesticides in tightly can result in someone having to put pressure on the container to remove it, with a risk assessment in place, this would not go down well. You also have to account for unopened containers of pesticide as well as the ones currently in use. On the other hand, buying one of the larger pesticide safety cabinets promotes the idea of keeping more pesticides on site than necessary and increases the hazards of them. As well as Pesticide Storage Cabinets, ABIS also supply a range of Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets, COSHH Storage Cabinets and Acid Storage Cabinets, to ensure all of your chemicals are stored effectively and safely.

Choose Quality Pesticide Storage Containers 

Pesticide storage containers should not simply be repurposed cabinets that might fulfil the role. Cabinets must be constructed from non-flammable materials, and also materials that won’t absorb any liquid from spills. The shelves inside should be sturdy and capable of holding the amount of pesticide that will be stored on them. High-quality pesticide storage cabinets, whether they’re large or small and designed for indoor use or outdoor, they will be constructed with hazardous substances and chemical storage in mind. This makes them the ideal container for the task at hand, rather than simply being the closest container at hand.