Speed Ramps

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Rubber Parking Block Wheel Stop
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Recycled Rubber Speed Table Kits
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Hole / trench road safety cover plate
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10mph Speed Ramp Middle and End Sections
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10 MPH Instant Speed Ramp 2250mm Long
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1.800m Parking Block Wheel Stop
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7 Items

Reduce Speed and Increase Safety with Speed Ramps

Speed ramps are an essential safety element for public roads, private roads, public car parks and for managing parking outside of a business. Used to reduce and control the speed of traffic, speed bumps are possibly the easiest and most commonly used speed management system. If your business installs or needs speed ramps, then you can purchase the right solution from our extensive range.

10 MPH and 5 MPH Speed Ramps for Your Needs

Often referred to as the sleeping policeman, speed ramps are available for reducing the speed of vehicles down to ten miles per hour or even down to five miles per hour. This type of speed ramp is typically made up of an arrangement of yellow and black pieces. This colouring system makes them highly visible and these units can be supplied with cats’ eyes, making them visible even when it is dark. The middle sections and end sections are offered separately so that you can make up the width that's appropriate for your bespoke roadway.

If you or your business needs to prevent vehicles from entering a space, then a rubber parking block is the appropriate part for the job. These stand taller than conventional speed bumps and do not have a curved surface that usually facilitates the passing of vehicles.

If a hole or trench in the road surface needs covering, then a road safety cover plate is the solution you need. These are extremely tough, durable and are slip resistant. You can also buy our recycled rubber speed table kits, which are ideal for school zones and entrances into residential areas