Boltless Shelving Systems

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What is the purpose of our Boltless Shelving Systems?

Our Boltless Shelving Systems are ideal for rented and flexible workspaces, ensuring effective storage solutions without the need for drills and hammers. These shelving systems don’t require any special equipment to assemble, so they’re easy to install in any workspace. Then, when you need to relocate them, simply disassemble and transport to their new location. 

The heavy duty shelving is not only easy to put together, they’re also incredibly durable and versatile. Our range includes 2 and 3 bay packages, back panel options, plus drawer and door extensions. This means that there’s something to suit every workspace, whether you’re installing them in a warehouse or on the factory floor. They can even be combined as your business grows or your requirements change. 

Where can this product be used?

These sturdy shelves are ideal for any location where storage is required and it’s impractical to drill fixed shelving units into place. The industrial-strength shelving rack is robust enough to be used in busy environments where units must withstand their max loads without becoming a hazard. With the easily assembled boltless racking, you have a solid, galvanised product that will fit effectively in any workspace including warehouses, garages, factories and depots. Compartmentalise your warehouse shelving storage for smaller requirements, with the small parts shelf bins by Bito.

Who might use this product? 

Boltless Shelving Systems bring organisation into the workplace in a sturdy yet flexible way. If you need extra storage space for products or equipment without drilling, these shelves are for you. 

Thanks to the extendable options included with these storage shelves, they’re useful for companies who expect to increase their storage capacity and don’t wish to keep drilling and rearranging fixed units. Boltless shelves can easily be moved from place to another, ensuring that your shelving solutions keep pace with your growing business. 

Boltless Shelving System High Quality Specifications

  • Materials: Galvanised as standard 
  • Colour: Blue or grey available 
  • Width: 1000mm – 3100mm 
  • Height: 2000mm
  • Depth: 300mm – 800mm