Picking Walls

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Container pick wall 400mm deep
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Container pick wall 600mm deep
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Container pick wall 800mm deep
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What is the purpose of Picking Walls?

Picking Walls create storage areas that are easily accessible without the need for shelving units. These walls are designed to make collecting equipment simple – there’s no hunting around on packed shelves to find what you need. Every item has its place and it’s easy to grab and go. 

These units have plenty of storage space and come in three depths between 400mm and 800mm, allowing you to find one that works for your business. The large openings ensure that it’s simple to reach inside and allows everyone to quickly see how much stock in is the container. Thanks to the uniform nature of this product, it’s easy to assemble two or more sets alongside each other to deliver additional storage options without the requirement for lots of shelving. 

Where can this product be used?

Industrial settings are ideal for container picking walls and they serve a variety of purposes depending on the business type. For instance, the containers can be placed on a factory floor to ensure that equipment is kept in a central location and is easily accessible by employees. Equally, they can be used by stock dispensers to allow smooth management of equipment handover at the beginning and ends of shifts. Further options include usage as pigeonholes for staff and as a location to store extra clothing or overalls required for specific tasks during the day. These versatile picking walls can be used in any scenario where you might originally choose traditional shelving instead. 

Retail locations can also make use of picking walls, again as a location that allows easy access to stock and simplifies the running of the company. Picking walls might also be used in office locations as document dispensaries. 

Picking Wall Specifications

  • Colour: Blue
  • Width: 1800mm – 2400mm 
  • Height: 1640mm – 1660mm
  • Depth: 400mm – 800mm