Folding Pallet Boxes

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Wheeled folding pallet box, 357 litres capacity
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Pallet box lid
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Folding Plastic Box Pallet
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UK Made Collapsible Plastic Box Pallet 1200x1000x975
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Collapsible Pallet Boxes Offer Foldable Storage

Pallet containers are an indispensable element of many workplaces. They are used to transport heavy and bulky goods around from place to place, making them a key part of any warehouse location, as well as being vital in engineering, textiles, food processing and recycling, to name but a few industries. By choosing a folding pallet box, you are ensuring that you can easily store the pallet when it is not in use. For companies that have limited space, folding plastic pallet boxes are crucial in allowing you to use your space to its full potential while still having the benefit of pallets when they are needed. 

Folding Plastic Pallet Boxes Allow Transport Flexibility 

For many businesses, using pallets to transport their goods is part of their general operations. However, traditional pallet transportation can be cost-effective in one way and yet inefficient in another. For example, while a sturdy pallet offers safe transportation for goods on their way for delivery, it takes up valuable space on the return journey. A van may often be full of empty pallets that are neither cost-effective nor energy-efficient. Folding plastic pallet boxes allow used pallets to be folded down into more compact items, meaning they can be returned to base using a fraction of the space they did on the outward journey. 

Choosing the Right Folding Pallet Box for Your Business

When you’re selecting your folding pallet box or looking for the ideal set of collapsible pallet boxes for your company, there are a few things to bear in mind. Check that the capacity and weight limit of the pallets are suitable for your industry. Also, ascertain whether your pallets will require lids as these are not usually supplied and will, therefore, need to be purchased separately. Some collapsible pallet boxes are wheeled for ease, while others are smaller and therefore are suitable for more general use. Remember also to choose standard pallet sizes that will be compatible with other equipment and your forklift trucks.