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Drum Handling Trolleys

What is the purpose of Drum Handling Trolleys?

Drum cylinders are used across industry and beyond for transporting bulk cargo. These barrels need to be moved safely from one place to another, and that’s where drum & barrel handling trolleys are used to great effect. Due to the potentially heavy loads they carry, a drum truck or trolley must be designed to handle the correct weight. While many drum barrels are steel, others are plastic, and which you use will depend on your workplace’s requirements. However, it’s important to choose one of the barrel handling trolleys that can handle both the weight and size of drum cylinders within your workplace. 

Where can this product be used?

Barrel handling trolleys are an essential piece of equipment for any workplace where heavy and potentially hazardous goods require movement from one area to another - be it moving around the warehouse or moving to a secure drum storage unit. This can be within the facility or for external shipping, depending on a company’s requirements. One of the key elements of any drum truck is that it is easy to move when the trolley is loaded with a barrel. Consequently, lower quality barrel handling trolleys may not be acceptable for heavy loads. The tyres should be of sufficient quality to allow effective movement and the trolley itself should be robustly constructed and be designed for easy grip. 

Who might use this product?

A drum truck is used by site porters and team members to store and move heavy goods. Therefore, barrel handling trolleys are found in almost every industrial environment, even if goods are not shipped from the location in the barrels. Drum cylinders are used for storing equipment, moving recycling materials from the assembly line to the waste disposal area, and relocating essential supplies from one part of a facility to another. Drum & handling trolleys are also found in retail environments to aid the disposal of retail waste and stock movement where other trolleys and storage options may be too bulky or difficult to manoeuvre. 

Drum Handling Trolleys Specifications 

  • Width: 640mm – 680mm 
  • Height: 1300mm – 1600mm 
  • Weight: 15kg – 24.5kg